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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is La Habra City NJB

La Habra City NJB is a youth basketball league sanctioned by National Junior Basketball. We provide a competitive and balanced recreational basketball program for boys and girls in kindergarten through 8th grade. Of primary emphasis are sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition. La Habra NJB is a non-profit organization. Last year over 200 boys and girls participated in the program.

Q: What is National Junior Basketball?

National Junior Basketball is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Anaheim, CA. NJB has blossomed into a national youth league with over 40,000 participants in 6 states. NJB offers basketball programs for boys and girls in kindergarten through 12th grade. For more information on NJB, you may visit their website at www.njbl.org.

Q: What are the grade levels/divisions for players?

The following levels of divisional play are available:

Clinic (Rookie Division) K - 2nd grade
Division 3 Grades 3-4
Division 2 Grades 5-6
Division 1 Grades 7-8

Q: When does the season start?

Practices for the winter season may officially begin around October 1st with the first games beginning first Sunday of December.

Q: When does the season end?

The winter season ends mid February.

Q: When is registration?

Registration will be available online August and will end early October, shortly after the evaluation day. In person registration will be held on various dates in September. Please check the Calendar page for exact dates and locations. We strongly encourage everyone to register and pay online.

Q: Where and when are practices held?

Practices are held at various locations in La Habra such as La Habra High School out door courts, La Bonita outdoor courts, La Habra Boys and Girls Club, Sonora High School gym. Head Coaches will plan practice dates and times dependent on their schedules and gym/ location availability.

Q: Can my child play up a division?

In rare instances player will be allowed to play up a division.

Q: Can my child play down a division?

Players will not be allowed to play down.

Q: What is the included for the $175 registration fee?

NJB membership, custom made uniform jersey and shorts, Picture Package, Participation T-Shirt, NJB certified referee (excludes rookie division), Player Insurance and Gym fees.

Q: What other costs are there besides the registration fee?

Each team is required to find one sponsor. Gold Sponsorship $175.00, it will include a plaque and acknowledgement on the All Star Web Site. Platinum Sponsor $245, it will include a banner posted during all 10 games, a sponsor plaque, and recognition on the All Star Web Site.

Q: Where are the games played?

All games are played on Sundays at La Habra High School.

Q: How much of the game will my child play?

NJB has strict player participation rules. Each game consists of five 8 minute periods, 2 in the first half and 3 in the second half. Each player is required to play one full and continuous period in each half. In the 5th period coaches may freely substitute and provide additional participation.

Q: What is the Championship Series?

The Championship Series is a tournament after the completion of our chapter's regular season operated by NJB Headquarters. Each La Habra City NJB team that wishes to participate will be registered to play against teams with similar win/loss records from other Southern California NJB Chapters. All teams are encouraged to participate regardless of their regular season record. During this tournament, some travel may be involved, but it is usually limited to Orange County. There is a separate fee to participate in this tournament.

Q: What is the difference between Divisional Play and All-Net?

Divisional Play is regular league play in one of our three divisions of competitive play for boys and girls in the 3rd through 8th grades. Teams usually practice once or twice per week. The All-Net Program is a division of NJB created to provide a more competitive and organized level of youth basketball, designed to prepare boys and girls in the 5th through 8th grade for high school level competition. Teams primarily consist of All-Star caliber players and travel to play against teams from other Southern California NJB Chapters.

Q: Why are there player evaluations?

Player evaluations are essential to our goal of creating equally matched teams. To achieve this goal, the evaluations are mandatory. The evaluations are not tryouts, as all registered players will be assigned to a team regardless of their ability.

Q: Who coaches the teams?

Coaches are volunteers. They are mostly parents; sometimes an individual that is interested in coaching a team, but does not have a child on the team may volunteer as a coach. Usually it is a coach whose child has graduated from the program. Each coach is required to fill out an application and go through a fingerprint/livescan process.

Q: What ball size is used?

Ball sizes vary depending on the division of play.

Clinic 25.5" Provided to all clinic players
Division 3 27.5"
Division 2 28.5"
Division 1 Girls 28.5" Boys 29.5"

Q: Can I guarantee that my child will play on a specific team or with a specific buddy?

The only "freeze" we allow of a player is for the Head Coach's child. There is no freeze for Assistant Coaches, buddies, etc. We do try to put same age siblings on the same team. Our primary goal is to have even teams in each Division. Often Head Coaches will work together during the draft process to get their Assistant Coaches children and certain buddies, but there are no guarantees. Again, our primary mission is to have evenly matched teams determined by a fair draft process.